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Keep your bread fresh in reusable bread bags

Updated: Feb 24

Whether you bake your own bread or invest in locally baked artisanal loaves, you probably want to make sure that you can extend the life of your bread for as long as possible.

One way to do this is to invest in our reusable, lined cotton bread bags. Don't leave your precious bread sitting out on a cutting board or stored in single use plastic or brown paper bags. Our cotton bread bags offer a sustainable and environmental alternative that also looks good in your kitchen.

If you are still skeptical, rest assured because natural fibers such as cotton are perfect for keeping bread fresh for longer.

Cotton bread bags ensure that there is not too much moisture around the bread. They also make sure that moisture that creates the texture of your bread is not lost.

How does it work? Cotton bread bags are:

  • Breathable, Air can still circulate, but not so much that the bread dries out too quickly

  • Good at attracting and trapping just the right amount of moisture to keep the bread soft and fluffy, without becoming soggy and moldy

  • Excellent at keeping your bread in the dark, as light can lead to staleness in a shorter time frame

The bottom line is that If stored properly, bread should stay fresh for about 3 days ( if it is a highly hydrated sourdough bread you could keep it fresh for about 4-5 days ). Bread should never be stored directly in a plastic bag. The plastic bag prevents the bread from breathing which in turn keeps the moisture inside the bag. When storing bread in the plastic back it actually acts as an incubator for all the microorganisms still left in the bread thus creating the perfect environment to grow mold. If you store bread this way and if it happens to be in a warm place you will quickly find mold all of your bread.

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