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Whidbey Island Provisions

Enjoy the spirit of  Whidbey Island wherever you live

Cross over crystal waters on the Deception Pass Bridge, or step off a ferry into Clinton's salt air - in that moment, you'll feel Whidbey Island's spell take hold. Here, living is an act of celebration. We locals find joy in this special place. In meandering through our charming towns and along rugged cliffs. In wandering sandy beaches and lush farmland. In savoring life's simple pleasures grows profound gratitude.


Our online shop offers a curated collection of treasures crafted or sourced on or inspired by Whidbey Island. Each item keeps our island's spirit alive. Pick a perfect something to remind you of adventure, beauty, and connection.

Let Whidbey weave its magic into your life. Our products reflect the mystery of ocean mists, the solidity of weathered bluffs, the vibrancy of life lived in harmony with nature. We can't wait for you to discover the Islander in you.

Living Well Coffee

Introducing our new Living Well Coffee, where every cup is a celebration of life's simple pleasures. Our organic blends are roasted to order, ensuring you experience the freshest, most vibrant flavors with every sip.

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Our exclusive WhidbeyWear line envelops you in the laidback style and natural beauty of our Pacific Northwest home. Slip on our cozy island-inspired styles for the whole family. WhidbeyWear makes it easy to carry the spirit of this special place wherever you may roam.

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Living Well

Living well is a deeply personal journey, shaped by our individual values and aspirations. Here on Whidbey Island, we're thankful daily for the richness that our island life offers. We hope to spark that same appreciation within you, inspiring you to carve out your own path to fulfillment, regardless of where you happen to live.

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