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Support families in need this holiday season

"Many island families are experiencing hardship this holiday season including the heartbreak of not being able to afford to buy Christmas gifts for their kids,” says Whidbey Island Angel’s Tanya Karma Hernandez.

Luckily, Whidbey Island Angels works diligently all year and especially during the holidays to ensure that no child goes hungry or without a gift this holiday season.

How can you help:

Whidbey Island Angels has partnered with Whidbey Farm & Market to make it easier for loving and generous members of our community to support families in need.

The partnership includes a Food Donation Bin that will allow customers to donate food items that go directly to Whidbey Island Angel’s Food Pantry. In addition, the Market will set up a Giving Tree. Customers will be able to select a gift tag from the tree that lists three items that a specific child in need has requested for Christmas. Wrapped gifts will be returned to the Market for distribution by Whidbey Island Angels.

Families wanting to place a child on the list can visit Whidbey Island Angel’s Facebook Page.

We can do it, Whidbey island. Together we can bring joy and a warm meal to every family in need this holiday season.


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