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Gloss Bamboo Bowls & Servers

Gloss Bamboo Bowls

Tucked away in an old bowling alley on Whidbey Island is a small business that employs artisans in Vietnam with generational expertise to make the most beautiful bamboo bowls. Each product is completely food-safe and meets the highest US and German standards. These bowls are also planet-friendly because they are made from bamboo, a plentiful, renewable natural product. Our Gloss Bamboo Bowls are finished in a high gloss lacquer in a range of gorgeous and vibrant colors.  They will soon become a staple in your kitchen and they make fantastic gifts!

 The paint and lacquer for our bamboo bowls are manufactured in Europe and follow German, European and American food safety guidelines and laws and are regularly tested by TÜV Rheinland. 

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