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It's lamb time on Whidbey Island

After the low-lying fog lifted today, Mollie and I walked up to a nearby farm to take a look at how all the new-born lambs are doing. Such cuteness! There are snowy white lambs, black lambs and a few mottled black and white lambs. All were frolicking around in a pasture overlooking Penn Cove and Coupeville under the watchful eye of two imposing and slightly silly looking llamas

Mollie enjoyed the walk up to the farm but was doing her very best to ignore the sheep. But as the llama started to advance in our direction to make sure we were not up to mischief, she let out one bark to make sure they knew she was there.

Farms on Whidbey Island

Farmland is part of what makes Whidbey Island a magical place to live and visit and we feel lucky to be living in between a number of farms.

Did you know that at its peak, Whidbey Island boasted more than 1,700 small farms. Today, Island County, which also includes the smaller Camano Island, is home to 460 working farms with the majority less than 50 acres in size.

These farms all need our support and one of the best ways you can do that is to buy what they sell.

Whidbey Island Farms

Whidbey Island farmers, ranchers, and other producers work hard to provide you and your family with the freshest and healthiest food available. You may find a farm stand right in your own neighborhood!


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