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Get ready for spring with new bamboo bowls

It's that time of the year when we start longing for spring. Here on Whidbey Island, we are starting to see the first tips of daffodil leaves hopefully peaking through the ground. Experience tells us, however, that even though we have been having relatively warm weather, there will be more cold temperatures in the forecasts and the bulbs are adviced to stay underground.

If spring color is not on the horizon any time soon, we need to find other ways to bring some color into our homes. We may be biased, but we think that our Gloss Bamboo Bowls add the perfect punch of color whether you are enjoying cereal in the morning or serving a platter of roasted veggies to your friends and family.

Whether you are drawn to blues and whites, gem colors or the shades of the ocean, there is a Gloss Bamboo Bowl that will spark joy in your heart.

The intensely colored paint and lacquer for our bamboo bowls are manufactured in Europe and follow German, European and American food safety guidelines and laws and are regularly tested by TÜV Rheinland.

Remember: we do not use:

  • Melamine

  • Plastics

  • Formaldehyde

  • Chemicals that pose a health risk

Our bowls are completely food-safe and adhere to the highest safety standards. Caring for your Gloss Bamboo Bowl:

  • Hand wash with water and dish soap.

  • Not suitable for use in microwave or traditional ovens.

  • Do not use to store liquids for extended periods.

  • Do not store near a heating source like a furnace, oven or fireplace.

  • Avoid scratching the surface with sharp objects.


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